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Your Life 

Your Challenge!

Ready to play your best game!   This 4-week challenge aims to kickstart your healthy eating habits.  Getting your body detoxed from sugar, unhealthy oils, and comfort foods is hard! After this 4 weeks your body will be reset and ready to optimize your performance.

Let us help you take the temptation out of your goals!

How does the Challenge work?


  1.  Sign up for the challenge. 5 or 10 pack.  

  2. We build out a mix-and-match plan for the week.  

  3. You pick up at our shop.

  4. Refrigerate the meals and heat up for 2 mins when ready to consume.

  5.  Feel good and enjoy the best season of your life!


We are excited to see how you feel after 4 weeks with us.

Things to expect:

      * Loss of bloating


      * Less Inflammation

      * More energy and better recovery times



Challenge Offerings

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