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When is the best time to eat after performance?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Most Athletes miss their key recovery windows for optimal recovery

Recovery foods should be consumed within 30 min of exercise, and again within 1 hour to 2 hours of exercise, to help reload muscles with glycogen and allow for proper recovery. These foods should include protein and carbohydrates.[1]

FuelGood is founded by former Bay Area athletes that know it is really hard to eat so close to practice, especially with the busy lifestyles of the family. We also know how easy it is to snack on the wrong things when meals are not quick and easy for young athletes.

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By having FuelGood meals on hand, your athlete is always 2 mins away from a healthy and balanced meal.


[1] Dietitians of Canada, the American Dietetic Association, and the American College of Sports Medicine Joint position statement: Nutrition and athletic performance. Can J Diet Pract Res. 2000;61(14):176–92. [PubMed] [Google Scholar]

Litt A. Fuel for young athletes: Essential foods and fluids for future champions. Windsor: Human Kinetics; 2004. [Google Scholar]

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