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Athletes looking for the optimal meal

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

I am a performance athlete but have no idea what you eat? This blog will break down the suggested amounts of protein, carbs, and fats athletes need.

Everyone and everyBODY needs something different. We suggest if you are struggling with recovery, injury or energy you seek professional guidance. However, we looked to the experts to suggest a place to start for our athletes. We usually find that athletes and their families are alarmed how under-fed their athletes are in areas they need, like protein. This is scary as their bodies are both growing and under high stress. We hope this article helps guide you in building out a plan that helps you.

How much protein do I need?

Suggested High Protein Foods

This is how many grams of protein are found in different foods:

  • Beef 3 oz: 21g

  • Cheese 3 oz: 21g

  • Chicken 3 oz: 21g

  • Eggs 2 large: 13g

  • Fish 3oz: 21g

  • Milk 8oz: 8g

  • Peanut butter 2 tbsp: 8g

  • Tofu 3 oz: 15g

  • Turkey 3 oz: 21g

  • Yogurt 8 oz: 8g

  • Greek yogurt: 23g

Break it down for me...

As you build your daily meals, you can quickly calculate your required protein needs for optimal recovery and performance.

In short, for average female high endurance athletes, we would suggest 6 oz meals for lunch and dinner and a day plus a protein shake in the morning. Note, this only gets you to the lower end.

If you are a male endurance athlete you should be eating 2, 8 oz meals for lunch and dinner plus a protein shake or protein balls for snack.

The key is to watch if you feel like you are getting hungry between meals. If you are, this means you need to add slightly more protein to your meals

Make It Simple

As high-performance athletes you need to test out what helps you recover, develop and perform. If you have not looked at your diet, FuelGood is here to help. There are never unwanted salts or oils in our food. You can eat without wondering what secret ingredient food providers might be using.

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