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This program was created to allow our athletes to opt-in to meals for the whole family. We find this plan is great for parents who need meals for lunch and struggle to balance meal time with competing meal times. 


How does it work?


  1.  We build out a mix-and-match plan for the week. 

  2. Add your team and we will drop off at the first practice of the week

  3. Fuel your body and feel your best 


About the meals:

We create a selection of steak, chicken and vegan options for you to try every week.  All meals will include 5 oz of meat, carb and veggies.  


Here are examples of the plans:


2 Breakfast Bowls

2 teriyaki chicken,  white Rice and broccoli

2 mild Steak, Sweet Pats and fajita mix

2 buffalo chicken, white Rice veggie medley

2 Ground turkey, Red Pats , Spinach




FuelGood Teams (Family) | 10 Pack

Price Options
Family Teams
$139.00every week for 13 weeks
Weekly Opt in
$139.00every week until canceled
  • Meals should be refrigerated immediately.  We suggest heating for 1:30-2:30 mins depending on the strength of the microwave.

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